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Mighty Con Event - Milwaukee Comic Con!




That's right fans, we're back for one more great event of 2021!  Let's celebrate the beginning of the holiday season (or close enough at least) all together at the Milwaukee Comic Con!

When Is The Comic Book Show?

Saturday, November 13th 2021

Where is the Comic Book Show?

The Milwaukee Comic Con takes place at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds Products Pavillion 640 S 84th St., West Allis, WI 53214

How much is the Comic Book Show?

Adults are just $8 for general admission, and as always kids 12 and under are FREE.  But you don’t just get admission for that.  Every person who attends Mighty Con gets a free comic book at the door to get their day started off right.  Please also note that if you already purchased a pass for a postponed show, then you're all set and don't need to get another one, you're already on the list.

Want to get in early?  If you order your pass online, you can get in at 9:30 a.m., a half hour ahead of everyone else!  Get first grab at all the best deals: click here to pre-order your passes!

After pre-ordering, you can pick up your passes the morning of the show.

Looking to Sell Your Collectibles Or Show Off Your Brand At Mighty Con?

There are vendor and artist spaces available now, so just click the link below.  To get more information on settnig up, or with general questions about the show, reach out to us at MightyConVendors@gmail.com 

Click Here To Order Your Tables For The Milwaukee Comic Con, The Madison Comic Con, The Quad Cities Comic Con, or the Dupage Comic Con in Wheaton, IL


Safety Protocols

Look everyone, we know that the world is on the right track, but we're not all back to normal yet.  So, that being said (and yes this can change from the time this is being written till November 13th, we can't see the future better than anyone else) we will be asking everyone who is not vaccinated to wear a mask.  Obviously we don't know if you are or aren't, so we're trusting everyone to be cool.  All currently available data shows that by then we should be almost out of the woods, but we want everyone to be safe still.  We will also have a few less tables than normal, which will mean wider aisles and an easier time giving space to everyone around you.  The fairgrounds have informed us that at that time they don't anticipate there being an attendance cap, but stay tuned here for any changes or updates.

Who will be there?

Balke Studios

Special Guest

Jeff Balke is an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, colorist and producer who created his own animation studio, Jeff Balke Studios which focuses on 2D CEL Animation. In addition to creating animations, the studio also produces weekly Comic Strips, Comic Strips ANIMATED! and Comic Books.  The Studios was founded in 2015 while Jeff was working as an Award Winning Comic Book Colorist and has worked on more than 300 comic books, and has worked...

Alberto Gomez Art


Alberto Gomez is a freelance illustrator from Illinois, USA. He is a self-taught artist who began drawing seriously in 2018. Alberto specializes in dr...

Spencer's Comics


Vintage 80s figure, Lego Minifigs, and Custom Marvel and Star wars figures.

Necropolis Curios


I am Jennifer Vaughn, and I enjoy crafting and create in many different mediums. Everything from curiously cute to creepy and kooky. I love all things...

Susie Stitchery


Hand made stitched items!

Scott's Toy Shop


Seller of Funko pops



Comics and toys vintage and new

Geek Station Collectibles


We sell Transformers, D.C. Marvel action figures and statues, anime and pop culture items.

The Toy Guys


The Toy Guys specialize in vintage toys, figures and collectibles.

Penguina's Presents!


We are Penguina's Presents! We speacialize in homemade crafts with a collector's theme such as Pokemon, Nintendo, Star Wars, and comic blankets. t-shi...

Joe Da Driver


Information coming soon!

Mac Vintage


Information coming soon!

Skribble Scrabble


Art and customs with an urban touch. Originals, prints and customs. Custom shoes, apparel as well as mural work.

Alex Giroux


My name is Alexander Giroux, I am a freelance illustrator who enjoys drawing comics and character designs. I am a 2021 graduate of Milwaukee Institute...

Mizorey Ren


Creating minimalist designs of anime, videogames, and pop culture. I sell them on T-shirts, prints, playmats, mousepads, masks and much more.

The Variant


Comic books collectibles

Crusader Hobbies


We sell Comic Book and Pop Culture Collectibles all across the Midwest! From Funko to Legends to Minis to Comics, we try and have a little bit of ever...

Bern Notice


Promoting a new cartoon called Bern Notice Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Pirate Stitchery


Nerdy toys and such along with handmade plushy goods.

J & J comics and toys


We sell comic books silver age to modern and toys from 1960's to modern. including vintage star wars, GI joe, MOTU, star trek, TMNT and transformers



Questionable content from disreputable sources! Original comics and zines made in Milwaukee plus fancy digital artwork. Play a game and win a mini com...

Skull Island Games


A seller of all things geekery. Comics, MTG, and Games of all flavors

Joe's Comics




hand painted superheros on wood and comics

Information coming soon!



Just a couple of collectors selling some books to buy more books.

Themuister Collectibles


Funko Pops, Trendy Items, Star Wars, Squishmallows!!-Collectibles!

Umbreon Girl's Creations

Nerdy etched glasses, resin dice, and resin crafts

I'm a new artist that specializes in etched glass art. I etch a variety of images from D&D, Pokemon, One Piece, Game of Thrones and so much more! I al...

Lost In Toys


Information coming soon!

Geek Inc. Comics


Geek Inc. Comics is your #1 stop for key issues, first appearances, deaths, and other high demand comics!  Plus thousands of back issues going ba...

Formula 350


The largest selection of collectible buttons and magnets anywhere in the world!  Come check out the hunreds of styles from every genre in pop cul...

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