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Mighty Con Event - Madison Comic Con



    You wanted more, and you've got more!  The Madison Comic Con is back and even bigger than ever!  We're still at Monona Terrace, and we're taking over their Exhibit Hall there with more space, more vendors, more artists, more guests, more everything!  This is one show that you won't want to miss!

    When Is The Comic Book Show?

    The Madison Comic Con takes place Sunday, August 4th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Where is the Comic Book Show?

    The Madison Comic Con takes place at the Monona Terrace Exhibit Hall, 1 John Nolan Drive, Madison WI 53703

    How much is the Comic Book Show?

    Adults are just $5 for a full day of fun, and kids 12 and under are FREE.  But you don’t just get admission for that.  Every person who attends Mighty Con gets a free comic book at the door to get their day started off right.

    Want to get in early?  If you order your pass online, you can get in at 9:30 a.m., a half hour ahead of everyone else!  Get first grab at all the best deals: click here to pre-order your passes!

    After pre-ordering, you can pick up your passes the morning of the show.

    Looking to Sell Your Collectibles Or Show Off Your Brand At Mighty Con?

    Vendor booths and artist tables are available now, so reserve your space before they disapear!  If you have any questions, just reach out to our vendor coordinator at MightyConVendors@gmail.com!  We’re always looking for new artists and vendors, so come on out!

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    Who will be there?

Jeffrey Moy

Special Guest

Jeffrey Moy a penciler who has worked for DC Comics with a 5 year run on Legionnaires, and has also worked on Gen 13, Star Trek:Voyager and Star Trek/ Legion of Superhero comics. He has also worked in video games as a concept artist on Star Wars: Jedi Outcast, X-Men Legends titles, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition, and Singularity. He is now a partner of Aurasync and is helping build the world of the Chortopia Ch...

Frank Fosco

Special Guest

Penciler/inker who started off with Gary Carlson's independent comic book Megaton. In the pages of that anthology, as his first published comic work, it featured his very own creation, Ethrian. After that Ihe ghosted layouts for, “The Strangers” from Malibu comics. The Strangers gig led to some work as a fill in artist at DC. Frank is most notably known for a 23 issue run on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Image comics. Frank has do...

Cyclone Jack Art and Collectibles

I'm an 11 year-old selling prints, commissions, and other collectible art to raise money for my school service trip to Central America.

I'm an 11 year-old selling prints, commissions, and other collectible art to raise money for my school service trip to Central America.

Something from Nothing


We are a independent comic and novel company focusing on science fiction. as of right now we have 1 comic and 5 novels out. Everyone in the company wo...

Krystal Kowalczyk

Fanart Oil paintings

Anime Oils sells customized oil paintings including anime, games, comics, etc.

Michele's matts and more


Hand crafted quilted mug rugs, coasters, potholders and place mats.

Charmed by Teagan


Custom stuffies and keychains

Q’s Quellectibles


Q’s Quellectibles Sells a wide variety of retro video games, board and card games, Funko Pops and action figures.

Donovan Scherer


Donovan Scherer is an author and illustrator creating worlds of adventure with a sense of humor and a little bit of dread that everything will go terr...



Card-BoardGames specializes in new and used board games and hard-to-find collectible card games. We'll be sure to give you a blast from the past as we...



Samantha Gorel is a freelance 2D Character Designer / Digital Illustration artist who works full time as a professional illustrator selling prints and...

M. Ainihi

Fantasy Author

Local fantasy author M. Ainihi. Visit concealed realms in Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel and discover some secrets are better left buried.

Spencer's Comics


Vintage 80s figure, Lego Minifigs, and Custom Marvel and Star wars figures.

RJ Arlen Art


R.J. Arlen is a freelance graphic/concept designer, illustrator and comic artist from Iowa.

Stop Watchers


A humorous, action, adventure comic that follows a team of Stop Watchers, whose job it is to stop time criminals from changing the past. Their job is ...



Handmade plush stuffed animals and toys.

Rainarc Rhapsody, LLC


Rainarc Rhapsody is a traveling art studio that hits a variety of shows and conventions every year, specializing in pop culture artwork at a ridiculou...

Space Gallery Online


Collectibles, gifts, craft, mini figures.

Lost In Toys


Information coming soon!

Pulp Culture Comics


Information coming soon!

Formula 350


Information coming soon!

Geek Inc. Comics


Geek Inc. Comics is your #1 stop for key issues, first appearances, deaths, and other high demand comics!  Plus thousands of back issues going back t...

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