Lew Temple

Mighty Con Special Guest

Lew Temple

Lew Temple is an American film actor, perhaps best known for his roles as
Axel on "The Walking Dead," the character of Ned Oldham in the action
adventure thriller, "Unstoppable" which also starred Denzel Washington,
Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson; directed by Tony Scott, and Cal the diner
manager in the comedy-drama "Waitress."
Temple is an extraordinarily diverse actor who often is compared to a
chameleon: he has the unique ability to take any character and make it his
Other Film and TV credits include: recurring roles on “Wicked City” (ABC), as
Dave and “Longmire” (Netflix), as Archer Loftus. He was part of the Oscar
Award winning “Rango” as Mr. Fugus and Sgt. Turley, along side, Johnny
Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Timothy Elephant, Ned Beatty and Harry
Dean Stanton, directed by Gore Verbinski. He also appeared as the ranger,
Hollis, 2013 Disney blockbuster "The Lone Ranger," alongside Johnny Depp
and Armie Hammer, also directed by Gore Verbinski. He was Locus Fender in
the action film "Domino," starring Kiera Knightley and Mickey Rourke,
directed by Tony Scott. And Rob Zombie's soon to be released “31” starring
Malcolm McDowell, “Halloween” starring Malcolm McDowell, Brad Dourif,
and Scout Taylor- Compton, as well as ”The Devil's Rejects" with Bill

Moseley, Sid Haig, William Forsythe, and Sherri Moon Zombie. And the Indie
suspense thriller “Night Moves” starring Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning
and Peter Sarsgaard. And starring in “Wicked Blood” as Donny Baker, along
with Abigail Breslin, Sean Bean and James Purefoy.
Temple began his acting career on the stage of the prestigious Alley Theatre
in Houston, Texas, working alongside artists such as Vanessa Redgrave in
"Julius Caesar" and "Anthony & Cleopatra", as well as acclaimed writer/
directors Michael Wilson, Terrance McNally and Edward Albee. He next
landed numerous television roles, as well as roles in independent and
mainstream studio films, such as "On the Borderline," "The Newton Boys,"
and "Angels in the Outfield."
Prior to acting, Temple had a Minor League Baseball career with the Seattle
Mariners" and "Houston Astros." He worked his way through the Astros
system to become Assistant Director of Minor Leagues and Scouting.

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